The Road to Rewards Revisited

The Rising Influence of Fuel-Based Loyalty Currencies and Their Impact on Consumer Behaviors in 2016

For the second year in a row, U.S. consumers have identified rewards that help them save on the everyday cost of fuel as their preferred loyalty program currency, and they say that rewards are powerful enough to influence where, when and how frequently they shop.

The 2016 Excentus-Ipsos survey findings are important for U.S. loyalty programs as they face the dual challenges of heightened competition for loyalty and declining activity in existing loyalty programs. Which rewards do consumers use most actively? What factors influence them to join and engage with loyalty programs? What can retailers and merchants do to attract mobile-first customers, boost engagement among existing customers, increase sales and turn loyal shoppers into higher-value customers?

Find out in the second annual 2016 “Road to Rewards Revisited” report, available here.