Convenience Retail Solutions

With over 20 years of loyalty expertise in grocery, fuel and convenience retail, Excentus provides end-to-end solutions for convenience retailers of all sizes.

Drive Loyalty & Repeat Customers

Excentus’ convenience retail loyalty solutions offer complete support for your loyalty needs. With corporate history rooted in loyalty marketing and technology, our solutions are easily customizable to deliver results.

Robust and Simple Solutions

Excentus offers a full loyalty suite that simplifies implementation and supports a scalable program with speed to market, integrated systems and real-time rewards processing.

Boost Engagement & Activity

Acquire new members and increase spend from existing members through ongoing engagement and effective communication strategies. Excentus’ loyalty solutions are designed to maximize engagement across every channel.

Deep Insights & Profitable Results

Successful convenience retail businesses increasingly rely on data, insights and loyalty strategies that drive profitable, repeatable consumer behaviors. We’ll equip you with the data and insights to invest in the most rewarding loyalty strategies for both you and your customers.

Custom Loyalty Program Design

From traditional club programs to individualized loyalty programs, let us customize a convenience retail loyalty program that builds true, long-term loyalty to your C-Store brand.

Digital Punch Cards

No more hole-punchers or paper clippings.

Club Offers

Reward loyal repeat customers with free or discounted products.

CPG Offers

Increase in-store savings with national offers.

Item-Based Discounts

Build loyalty with in-store product savings.

Fuel-Based Rewards

Deliver savings with purchases at the pump.

Basket Offers

Encourage repeat visits with milestone deals.

Personalized Offers

Tailored rewards initiated with you in mind.


End-to-End Solutions

As an end-to-end loyalty platform provider, we’ve got you covered. Our complete convenience loyalty solutions take care of the technical details for you so that you can focus on daily operations. One vendor. One point of contact. One solution.

POS Platform Integration

Our team of experts have conducted dozens of seamless technology integrations with various point-of-sale platforms. Let us get your loyalty program up and running.

Loyalty Tracking Host

Keep track of all of your customers’ earning and redemption activity in one place. Less fraud, more insights.

Content Management

Gain access to our exclusive Marketing Portal complete with all of the tools you need to effectively reach your customers and boost engagement.

Data, Analytics & Tracking

We’ll help you make more informed business decisions using data obtained from your loyalty program.

Segmentation & Targeting

We’ll help you with segmentation and targeting to provide smarter, more relevant offers to your customers.

CRM & Campaign Management

We can help you develop customer relationship management protocol, manage campaigns and navigate the nuances of email marketing.

Web & App Development

Our loyalty programs are designed with mobile in mind to put your business in the palm of your customers’ hands.

Loyalty Consulting

After we’ve implemented your program, we will continue to provide guidance and insights to ensure program success.

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