Your solution for cents-per-gallon fuel loyalty programs


Nothing drives consumer loyalty like Centego’s patented cents-per-gallon fuel discount programs. That’s because consumers go out of their way to shop and fill up where they can save — at your store. With our exclusive fuel loyalty programs, your consumers have an incentive to shop in your store more often and fill up with you every time.

Cut promotion costs with cents-per-gallon fuel discounts.

  • Extremely high perceived value of cents-per-gallon discounts lets you maintain higher margins while still driving traffic
  • Generate higher sales using fewer promotional dollars per unit
  • Even greater promotional efficiency is created through breakage (expired and abandoned rewards)

Increase in-store sales

Proven marketing tools and methodology lift consumer spend, grow consumer counts, and increase retention.

Increase loyalty

Industry-validated methodologies align program goals with your brand and strategy. The result is an enduring loyalty program that keeps consumers coming back to your store.

Increase relationships

Consumers have an extremely high emotional response to cents per gallon discounts. The instant gratification from a price roll-down feels like “winning” at the pump.